A Different Road - Shirley Jamieson


As a young child, Shirley strained her eyes, staring into the ever present mist. She knew somehow she was different from everyone else - but no one told her she had cataracts until she turned five. Trying to cope in the school system in the 1950s and 60s was often an unreachable challenge.

Hoping for a miracle, her parents delayed agreeing to eye operations until she was ten. Then came the glasses, big thick ugly ones that made the other children laugh. Feeling useless and ashamed of her disability it seemed to Shirley that God didn't care about her at all.

But God did care.

As an adult, married with two children, Shirley was expecting her third child. She would soon be walking down yet another different road caring for her daughter, Janelle, who has severe cerebral palsy. As God led her through life with Janelle, He taught her He is still in the healing business - the healing of the heart.

ISBN: 9780473187040

What They're Saying:

"I found this book to be interesting, well written and informative, full of honesty and humour. I feel it will help others, especially those who have a child with a disability, or social workers and those with a medical background. But this is also a book for anyone interested in finding out what it is like. Readers will be inspired in their faith no matter what road of life they find themselves on."
- Di Willis QSM, Dip OT (Ministries Director, Christian Ministries with Disabled Trust)

"Shirley tells her remarkable story with clarity, honesty and in considerable detail. It is a story that tugs at the heart strings as the reader is drawn into her challenging life experiences and the difficulties she had to overcome."
- John Ward (Between the Covers, Rhema)

About the Author:

   Born in Wanganui, Shirley Jamieson enjoys writing, gardening, animals, history and travel. She is a member of NZ Christian Writers. As she has partial sight, and is a member of Blind and Low Vision NZ, her writing is done using screen enlargement software on her computer. This is her second book.


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