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Childbearing Redeemed: A journey of suffering and hope - Anna Vroon


What does the Bible really say about childbearing?

What are we to think when the blessing feels more like a curse? Is there any hope in Christ for those who struggle with the many sorrows pregnancy and childbirth can bring?

Through one woman's deeply personal story, this book explores the themes of childbearing in the Bible, discovering a powerful message of both anguish and glory in which we see childbearing redeemed.

What They're Saying:

"If you have wrestled with pregnancy and childbirth, despaired of giving birth, or struggled to bond with a child - or if you love someone who has - Anna has written a book you need to read. Her story is compelling, and the hope she shares in the good news of Jesus will bless every reader. I can't recommend this book enough."
- Wendy Alsup (Author, Companions in Suffering)

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