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Enduring the Dream - Garry Wills


This book is about the journey of a young 17-year-old, third generation sheep and cattle man who had a passion to serve God and believed God wanted him to dedicate his farming career to ministry.

With excitement and energy, he pursued that calling - not knowing the extent of the training and preparation that would be required for the work God wanted him to do.

A confirmation of his calling came 11 years later when God gave a now married young man and his wife this word: "God wants you to dream dreams, to get a vision of what you two together in Christ can do."

After battling a multitude of setbacks and heartache over a number of years, he found himself asking God for a heart to continue to pursue the calling - a prayer that God didn't hesitate to answer.

God gave this man and his wife the grace, mercy and strength to 'Endure the Dream' and see it come to fruition.

This book is the story of their journey. It is not just chapter after chapter of the great things God has done in their lives, but records the 'blood, sweat and tears' they have gone through, as well as the many wonderful blessings and answered prayers they have received.

Printed book: NZ$19.95

ISBN: 9780473356750 (Softcover)

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