Finding the Keys - Peter & Waew Martyn


Reaching Thai Folk Buddhists with the Gospel.

The Isaan in Northeast Thailand is known as a dry place physically and spiritually. How is it possible to plant churches in this region of a nation where the percentage of ethnically Thai evangelical Christians is 0.03%? Is it a case of replicating church planting methods used elsewhere?

In this inspiring book, Finding the Keys: Reaching Thai Folk Buddhists with the Gospel, our friends Peter and his Isaan wife, Waew, share practical insights gained from 13 years of church planting in unreached Isaan villages. As well as giving an understanding of the rural Buddhist worldview, it provides practical wisdom gained from many years of experience. I see this book not only as an extremely valuable resource for those called to work in the Isaan but for missionaries working in other Buddhist countries in Southeast Asia.

- Gordon Meehan, former lecturer in Communicating the Gospel at Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies, New Zealand, with mission experience in Southeast Asia.

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