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5 + 1 Bible Stories Retold for Kids - Doug Phillips
36 Questions for Her - Rawiri Love & Geoff Vause
36 Questions for Him - Rawiri Love & Geoff Vause
39 Steps: The Journey of God into Our Lives - Dennis Thorp


A Different Road - Shirley Jamieson
Africa to China with Love - Peter S Anderson
Against All Odds - Benny Tan
A Grip on Grief - Elsa McInnes
A Handful of Streamers - Lorraine Harvey
All This and the Moon - Bernadene Erasmus
A Mum in Waiting - Natalia Hatton
An Abundant Life - Ian Brickell
An Angel and Her Spots - Brenda Segedin
Angels - Peter Carrell
Anointed for Work - Richard Brunton
An Unexpected Life - Graham Ashby
A Path in the Dark - Lim Ling
(The) Apple Grove Girls: The Bullies Strike Out - Laura Martin
A Praising Heart - Joanna Nicol
(The) Art of Easter - Rawene Centre Artists
A Single Mum's Journey - Jo Drower
Assurance - Dick Tripp
Awakening Bones - Viti Taylor
(The) Awesome Power of Blessing - Richard Brunton


(The) Battle for Everglade - C. A. Imriel
Be Still - Iain Gow & Nat Tate
Beyond Death and Dishonour - Michiharu Shinya
(The) Bible - Can We Trust a Book Written 2000 Years Ago? - Dick Tripp
(The) Biblical Mandate for Caring for Creation - Dick Tripp
(The) Big Question - Sue Hungerford
(The) Blessing Effect - Richard Brunton
Brave, Mad and Memorable - Rob Harley
Building a Life that Will Stand Firm - Hudson Salisbury
By the Way - Juanita Ingham


Called to Lead - Stuart Crosson
Changing Lives: Mission agencies and their stories, Book 1 - Pete Cossey
Changing Lives: Book 2 - Pete Cossey
Child - Gina Strad
Childbearing Redeemed - Anna Vroon
Christian Brethren Churches in Papua New Guinea, 1951-2015 - Dennis Thorp
Christian Marriage - Francis Foulkes
Complementary Nature of Science and Christianity - Dick Tripp


Daniel - Arthur Gunn
Dare to be a Disciple - Rasik Ranchord
Debbie Dart's Unbelievable Birthday Present - Lyndon Douglas
Deeper into the Heart of Papua New Guinea - Kay Liddle
Demystifying Revelation - Graham Missen
Destined to be Loved - Katie-Anne Martin
Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? - Dick Tripp
Did NT Writers Get Their Picture of Jesus Right? - Dick Tripp
Direct Encounter - Joyce Mitchell
Discipling Like the Master - Stephen J Turner
(The) Discovery of the Beginning - Rob Yule
Does It Matter How We Live? - Dick Tripp
Don't Call Me Stupid! - Rewia
Down is Up - Ruth Dalglish
Dying to Live - Jason Groube


Educating Our Children Faithfully - John Norsworthy
Encountering God - Michelle Wynne
Enduring the Dream - Garry Wills
Enter Into God's Rest - Nola Marshall
Epilogue - Andrew Killick
Escapades in Fiji - Graeme & Pam Smith
Esther: A Channel of Grace - Patience Satoro
Euthanasia - George Bryant
Every Nation in Our Generation - Rice Broocks


Faith at Work - Don Mathieson
Faith, Politics and Servant Leadership - Graeme Lee
Fangufangu Mana - Graeme McNae
Finding the Keys - Peter & Waew Martyn
Fish on Fire - Carl Worthington
Following God's Path - John Knowles
Forgiveness - Dick Tripp
Forgiveness: The biography of Ferdinand Christiaan Hansen - Jocelyn Judd
For the Love of Christmas - Heather McCall
For the Love of Hospitality - Heather McCall
From Kabul with Love - Faith Goldberg
From Poverty Bay to Riches Untold - Richard Yarrall
From the Pit to the Palace - Myan Subrayan
From Waidale to the World - Valmai Redhead


Get Out of My Pocket! - Sylvia Bowden
Get Real - Jill Stanley
Glimpses of Glory - Joy Hickman
God's Vision for His Family, the Church - Dick Tripp
God's Way to Success - Jason Groube
Goldie - Stacey Pyne
Good God: the Goodalls! - The Goodall Seven
Good News for the Poor - Bruce Nicholls
(The) Gospel in Ten Words - Paul Ellis
(The) Gospel in Twenty Questions - Paul Ellis
Greed - Neil Evans
Growing Great Kiwi Churches - Gordon Miller


Have Hope - Rachael Masters
Heal the Sick - George Bryant
Healthy, Happy, Free - Lisa Dawson
Heart Matters in Early Motherhood - Sarah Wilson
Heavenly Treasure - Shona Horton
Heaven's Door - Robert Norriss
Help in Times of Need - N.G. & M. Williamson
Hold Your Horses - D.A. Cleland
Honest Scales - Michelle Schmidt
Hope in the Storms - Chantal Giorgini
Hope Rising - Jacob Isaac
Homosexuality and the Church - Stuart Lange
How Can I Feel Good About Myself? - Dick Tripp
How Can I Find a Great Purpose for Living? - Dick Tripp
How Does God Guide? - Dick Tripp
How to Multiply Churches - Nick Klinkenberg
Human Cloning - Gareth Jones


Ideological Jihad: Come Mr Aly let us reason together - Vickie Janson
If God Be For Us - Graeme & Pam Smith
If There Is a God, Why Is There So Much Suffering? - Dick Tripp
I'm Ralph, I'm Dad - Glennis Mafi
In Harmony with God - Nola Marshall
In His Time - Angela Armstrong
Inside Inside - Roger Peake
In the Best Interests of Children - Cheryl Faye Greenfield
In the Desert Seasons of the Heart - Nola Mickan
Into the Great Unknown - Maurice Harvey
Into the Heart of Papua New Guinea - Kay Liddle
Into the Sunset - Clare Matravers
I Shall Return - David Bay
Is it Time to Think Again? - Graeme Evans
Is Jesus Really God? - Dick Tripp
Is Jesus the Only Way to God? - Bruce Nicholls
Is There Life After Death? - George Bryant
Israel - Derek McDowell et al
It's Okay to Die - The Dando Family


(The) Jesus Experience - Wendy Anderson
(The) Jesus Mood - Bernie Allen
(The) Journey Story - Jessica Newman
June - Stacey Pyne


Kick Addiction - Anne Laidlaw
Kiliad: The Grotto of Pan - Daryl Fowles
Know God More - Anne Laidlaw
Knowing God's Love - Susan Sinn
Konnichi wa Kiwi - Warren Payne


Let's Back Up a Bit - Brett Wilson
Life's Greatest Decision - David Bay
Life After Death - Dick Tripp
Light for Life - Maurice and Lorraine Harvey
Light on the Path - David Burt
Little Dog Lovely - A Jemmi Story
Live and Let Breathe - Heather Ruth Mackie
Locked In - Daniel Buttar


Making a Difference with Chainey and Marty - Raymond Spence
Managing Down Under - Art Verschoor
Manifest Destiny - Daryl Fowles
(The) Marriage You Never Dreamed Of - Brian Taylor
Memoirs of a Follower - Marion Sanders
Messiah's Shalom in Jewish Lives - Joy Hickman
Miles to Go... and Promises Kept - Ruth (Warner) Tozer
Milton Smith - Natalie Steel
Mission is Not an Optional Extra - Christine Harding
MOHO: Mother On Her Own - Colleen Ferris
(The) Monster in the Mirror - Karen Mackinstosh
Mrs Shepherd's Oven - Patsy Nealon
My Brother's Shadows - Hayley Reynolds
My Metamorphosis - Jill Keeling
My Story - Murray Dixon


Never Ending Season - Kelvin Mills
New Love - Shaw Clifton
New Zealand Without God? - George Bryant
No More Bullies Say Chainey and Marty - Raymond Spence
No Way Back - Don Battley


(The) Oil of Joy for Mourning - Beryl Henwood
(The) One I Love - Carolyn Hurst
One Summer - Michelle Schmidt
On with the Reformation - Sean Devine
Oodles of Oomph - Esther Paddon
Out from Under the Will of the Sea - Hideo Hatakeda
Out of this World with Chainey and Marty - Raymond Spence
Out Where the Fish Are - OAC NZ


(The) Parables in the Light of Today - Arthur Gunn
Paradise Troubled - Katie-Anne Martin
Passion and Fire - Nathan Shaw
Passionate Pursuit - Nola Marshall
Peace in the Storm - The Dando Family
(The) People Paul Admired - Beulah Wood
Philippians - Arthur Gunn
(The) Potter and the Clay - Jillian White
(The) Power of the Story - Rob Harley
(The) Power to Go the Distance - Rob Harley
Precious Treasure, Clay Pot - Florence Brown
Pressing Reset - Carl and Angela Crocker
Prison Break - Roger Curtis
(The) Prophetic Seventy Weeks Solved - Stephen Shephard
Pulling Down of Strongholds - Dr Francis Madzivadondo


Quiet Moments - Charlene Max


Rally: Past, Present & Future - Graham Ashby
Reading the Funny Bible - Maurice Harvey
(The) Real Goal - Mark Keown & Jeff Hagan
(The) Reason Why - Robert Laidlaw
Remember I Sent You - Rachel L Derry
Repentance - Dick Tripp
(The) Rescue - A Jemmi Story
(The) Resurrection of Jesus - Murray Harris
(The) Return of Jesus - Rob Yule
(The) Riches of God - Nola Marshall
Ripple Effect - Shirley Jamieson
Ripples in the Water - Clare Matravers
Robert Laidlaw - 16 picture flashcard story
Robert Laidlaw: Man for Our Time - Ian Hunter
(The) Rose Princess and the Special Gift - Mike de Vetter
Russia Changed My Life - Pauline Stansfield


Same Sex 'Marriage'? - Bruce Logan
Saving Donkey - Peter K High
Saving Faith - Dick Tripp
(The) Scent of Rain - Julianne Jones
Science and Christianity - John Thorp
Science Needs God - Neil Broom
Seizing the Moment - Warren Curtis-Smith
Sermons from the Bush - Ian Brickell
Shackles Broken, Bound By Love - Hannah Hales
Shadowed by an Angel - Katie-Anne Martin
Shaky Ground - Linda Sheehan
Shattered and Restored - Elsa McInnes
Shining Lights Tract Sample Pack - Dave Mann
Shooting the Globe - Maurice Harvey
Signs, Spells and Spooks - George Bryant
(The) Silent Storm - Noel Hinton
Simeon's Prophecy - Anne Trevethick
Snapshot of a Soul in Transit - Mark Laurent
Songs on the Journey - Robin McKenzie
So Old So Quick - Sir Patrick Eisdell Moore
(The) Spiritual Significance of Music - Justin St Vincent
Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block? - Andrew Smith
Steps to Peace with God - Billy Graham
(The) Story of Faith - Garry Rodgers
Stuff Jesus Never Said - Paul Ellis
Sunny - Stacey Pyne


Tarore's Great Treasure - Flashcard story
Te Mana Miharo o te Manaakitanga - Richard Brunton
Tembo's Roar - Iain Gow
Ten Reasons to Reconsider Old-Time Christianity (Tract) - Dave Mann
Thank You for Being My Father - Anne Perera
That Leaders Might Last - Dave Mann
Theft of a Life - Brenda Segedin
Three Times Dead but Still Alive - Deborah Walker
Through Blood and Fire - Trevor Yaxley
Throw Away the Stones - Mark Laurent
To a Distant Land - Julianne Jones
To Await the Dream - Julianne Jones
To Be a Five Talent Servant - Jason Groube
To Catch the Wind - Eddie Cairns & Dan Wooding
To Rise Above - Julianne Jones
Touched with Splendour - Cyril Bradwell
Transformed Lives - Bev Montgomery
(The) True Adventures of Lucy the Hen - Daphne Joy
(The) Truth About Gambling - Peter Phipps
(The) Truth Will Out - Clare Matravers
Two Lives, One Dream - Nancy McBride
(The) Two Most Important Mountains in the World - Dennis Thorp


(The) Ultimate Core - Trevor Yaxley
Undaunted Faith - Margie Willers
Understanding the Trinity - Dick Tripp


Virtually Real - D S Whitfield


Wake Up and Believe - Junko Preston
Walking in God's Footprints - Christine Furby
Water Under the Bridge - Don Barry
What Christians Believe About Christmas (Tract) - Dave Mann
What Christians Believe About Easter (Tract) - Dave Mann
What Christians Believe About Suffering (Tract) - Dave Mann
What Christians Believe About the Purpose of Life (Tract) - Dave Mann
What Does It Mean To Be Converted and Born Again? - Dick Tripp
What is the Bible? - Francis Foulkes
What Is Truth and Does It Matter? - Dick Tripp
What's God Up To On Planet Earth? - Mark J Keown
What's God Up To On Planet Earth? Condensed tract edition - Mark J Keown
What Works in Evangelism Today? - Anne Bowie
When Life Gets Tough - Trixie Jellie
Where Precious Gems Hide - Katie-Anne Martin
Wherever He Leads - Lois Patrick
Who Am I? - Dick Tripp
Who Can Be Against Us - Graeme & Pam Smith
Why Believe in Christianity? - Joy Hickman
Why Culture Matters - John Norsworthy
Why Did Jesus Die? - Dick Tripp
Why God Favours People Who've Hit Rock Bottom (Tract) - Dave Mann
Why Humility Matters - John Norsworthy
Why Science Matters - John Norsworthy
Widowhood and Shadow Types - Viti Taylor
William and Catherine - Trevor Yaxley
(The) Wind Rises - G.M. Lincoln
With So Many Religions, Why Christianity? - Dick Tripp
(The) Wonder Book (NZ Edition)
(The) Wonder of It All - Evelyn Lalahi



You and Me - Paul George
Your Moment to Lead - Jacob Isaac
Your Secret World - Brian Goodwin


Zoe, An Easter Story - Joanne Jobbins
Zoolympics - Sharon Lucas