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Get Real - Jill Stanley


Who doesn't love drama, comedy, tragedy and suspense all in one true story?

From the outset, Jill Stanley's real life story grabs and transports you from her quaint English village to Europe's pulsating cities, and across both Atlantic and Pacific oceans to a remote island in the South Pacific.

Don't expect a tidy, sanitised or sugar-coated autobiography. Rather, this is a transparent, brutally honest record of human passions, mistakes, flaws and sincere yet unsatisfying attempts to find lasting peace and truth. With hilarious adventures and powerful encounters, Jill will surely disarm and entertain you along the way.

Most of all, her compelling life story will inspire you to 'get real' about your own life and to ask the inner questions of your heart.

Enjoy her journey - and the anticipation of where it may lead yours.

Description written by Rev. Jhan and Iris Hurst, Producers / Speakers of Think a Minute.

What They're Saying:

"It has been a joy to read Jill's book and to see how the Lord has worked in her life in miraculous ways so that she might be a blessing to others."
- Rev. Milo and Rae Si'ilata

"Adventure in its truest form is what you find when you entrust your life into the hands of God and follow the deepest premonitions of your heart. Get Real is a perfect depiction of that kind of adventure. This is a life worth reading about! Each passage is a bite size portion of true events and the powerful hand of God in every situation."
- Rev. Pattie Duinick (President of Rhema Bible Training Centre South Pacific)

"You will be inspired as you read the journey of this crazy British girl who left the comfort of her country, the love of her friends and her devoted parents to follow the man that she loved - all the way to the little island of Samoa."
- Pastor Alesi Unoi (Peace Chapel Christian Fellowship)

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