Hope Rising: Finding hope when you're feeling lost - Jacob Isaac


Are you feeling lost or hopeless?

We often assume that our faith in Jesus should mean we are always happy and full of optimism. In reality you may be living with disappointment, fear, anger, anxiety and depression. Where is God in all of this?

In this insightful book, Jacob Isaac examines the subject of hope - what it is and how it's formed. He helps us explore why we may have lost hope and explains how it can be found again.

Based on biblical teaching, you will discover:

- Key factors that influence your levels of hope
- How your thinking can contribute to feelings of hopelessness
- A greater understanding of how God works and how He will help you
- How your bad experiences can be used for good
- How you can become more hopeful now
- And how to plan for a more positive future

Hope Rising will give you a hug of hope, help you see your life with fresh eyes and lead you into a closer relationship with God.

Take the first step on the journey to a more hopeful tomorrow.

What They're Saying:

"Hope Rising by Jacob Isaac is an inspiring book written to encourage readers that God cares for his people perhaps the most when life seems darkest... [it] points the way to comfort, peace, and restoration through faith. Everyone can benefit from the message of this book."
- D. L. Christian (Author & Editor)

"This book is a must-read for everyone in the Body of Christ in search of biblical hope."
- Henry Abraham (Founder, CEO, Sobriety Society International)

"Books such as Hope Rising assisted me to develop an adult life with much success... I recommend this carefully written volume, offering fine assistance, readily tailored to suit many individuals who seek better."
- Raewyn Alexander (Author, Editor & Publisher)

About the Author:

   Born in South Africa, Jacob Isaac was the co-founder and senior pastor of Calvary Ministries in Durban. He now lives in New Zealand and has held various leadership positions within the health sector and in manufacturing. As well as acting as a life coach and motivational speaker, he serves on the leadership board of Calvary Apostolic International Ministries, with a focus on prophecy teaching.

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