Locked In - Daniel Buttar


Join Daniel Buttar for a four-week journey into the heart of God and what it means to truly follow Jesus through devotion and discipleship.

Our God is a God of seasons. Some of these seasons are filled with great success and happiness and others are accompanied with heartache and sorrow. In every one of these seasons, the Lord wants to show us that He is present and will always be working for our good.

In this book, Daniel Buttar leads us on a journey to go deeper into the heart of God through a four-week devotional, intended to grow Christian discipleship. Whatever season you may find yourself in, this devotional will give you day-by-day practical steps with the intention of growing stronger in your relationship with Jesus Christ as both Lord and Saviour.

Printed book: NZ$19.99

ISBN: 9780473652715 (Softcover)

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