Sermons from the Bush - Ian Brickell


From the back-blocks of Northern Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, comes a collection of sermons that call believers to live faithfully to the Word of God and be ready for Christ's return.

Ian Brickell currently farms the 563 rugged but beautiful hectares of TeWaeWae Station on the edge of the Urewera Ranges. As a committed Christian, his desire is to hear God speak to him.

In these sermons, Ian's purpose is not to share what he thinks, but instead to convey what he believes are accurate interpretations of the Bible as revealed by the Holy Spirit. He often confronts current thinking and, among other issues, dispels concerns about global warming.

Ian has been preaching these messages for over 40 years, and believes you will be both encouraged and challenged as you read.

New expanded edition, 2021.

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