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Shackles Broken, Bound By Love - Hannah Hales


Born into the Exclusive Brethren and raised in that sect until 1970, Hannah Hales tells the story of how the early influences of the Exclusive Brethren Church and other experiences shaped her from childhood into adult life.

This book is a deeply personal account. It follows Hannahs extraordinary struggle with the dramatic changes she encountered as she was thrust into the world, with its cultural differences and the unknown rules of society. This was coupled with the normal angst of a teenager, eventually leading to the need for extensive psychological and spiritual intervention.

ISBN: 0473106760

What They're Saying:

As I read, I felt almost jealous of the deep relationship that Hannah has developed with God. She conveys an intimacy and connection that comes as a result of having to depend on Him in every situation, every day of her life - and intimacy that most of us desire but often arent willing to pursue.
- Lynne M (reader)

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