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Stuff Jesus Never Said - Paul Ellis


If the stuff Jesus never said is the stuff you thought he said, then the stuff he did say may surprise you.

Jesus spoke about the stuff of life. In Stuff Jesus Never Said, Paul Ellis examines what Jesus had to say on subjects ranging from divorce and guilt to depression and giving. Using paintings and drawings from the great masters and Bible illustrators, this book draws a line between what you may have heard and what Jesus actually said. This line is the difference between truth and tradition, sweet and sour, life and death.

Stuff Jesus Never Said shatters the myth of the angry, fault-finding God and celebrates the God that Christ revealed - a God who wants you to prosper and live well.

A humorous but insightful book, beautifully presented in full colour, hardcover coffee table format, approx 22 x 22cm.

2017 Illumination Book Awards gold medal winner.

About the Author:

   As a pastor, Dr. Paul Ellis used to preach sermons on self-sacrifice and proper behavior. He pushed people to produce and perform until they were sick and tired. But everything changed when he was apprehended by the good news of God's unconditional love. Paul now writes online about God's love and grace at Escape to Reality. The award-winning author lives in New Zealand with his wife Camilla and their four children.

Printed book: NZ$34.99

ISBN: 9781927230367 (Hardcover)

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