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The Gospel in Twenty Questions - Paul Ellis


Questions are keys to treasure and doorways to discovery. A good question can change your life! The Gospel in Twenty Questions is a book of good questions like these:

What is God like? And what does he want from me?
Should we do everything Jesus said?
How does God deal with us when we sin?
How do we reconcile contradictory scriptures?
Does God make us sick to teach us things?
What is the unforgiveable sin?
What are heavenly rewards?
Once saved, always saved?

...and many more! The questions in this book will take you places. They will cause you to dance on the uplands of your Father's favour. Best of all, they will lead you to a deeper relationship with Jesus, who is the greatest Answer of all.

What They're Saying:

"In one brilliant book, Paul Ellis has answered the biggest questions people have about the gospel of grace."
- Eric Dykstra (The Crossing Church, author Grace on Tap)

"One of the best books I have read since becoming a believer."
- Ed Elliott ("The Vagabond Evangelist")

About the Author:

   For ten years Paul Ellis pastored a multicultural church in Hong Kong. He was also a professor at one of Asia's leading business schools. Paul has many interests but his passion is now writing about the gospel of grace. Paul lives in New Zealand with his wife Camilla and their three children. Follow Paul on his highly popular blog, Escape to Reality.

Printed book: NZ$26.95

ISBN: 9781927230107 (Softcover)

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