The Journey Story - Jessica Newman


Come on a fun and exciting adventure and meet all kinds of colourful, wise and extraordinary characters around every corner.

Beautifully illustrated in full-colour, The Journey Story is a poetic and charming exploration of our thoughts, feelings and mental wellness.

Enjoyable for both adults and children, it provides an easy way to talk about the important stuff with the important people in your life, and to explore skills and strategies for wellness - even in the toughest times.

Join us on the journey!

About the Author:

   Jessica Newman has a fervent desire to increase mental wellness through her love of visual and rhythmic storytelling. She has developed a creative educational resource called The Journey Project, which she shares throughout New Zealand and the Pacific. The Journey Project aims to ignite conversations around mental health, while teaching and equipping with skills and strategies for the challenges of life.

Printed book: NZ$24.95

ISBN: 9780473601485 (Softcover)

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