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The Monster in the Mirror: How I Overcame Bulimia - Karen Mackintosh


The firsthand account of one womans incredible journey from the clutches of the eating disorder bulimia into freedom.

This book gives insight into a private hell and offers hope to sufferers of all eating disorders in an image-obsessed world.

As seen in the NZ Woman's Weekly and on TVNZ's Good Morning Show with Mary Lambie.

ISBN: 0958212414

What They're Saying:

Karen's Story is a gripping and authentic portrayal of living in the prison of an eating disorder, and of healing and freedom from food and fear.
- Sandy Richardson (Executive Director, The Remuda Foundation, USA)

Karen would not claim that it has been easy but she has gone on from strength to strength and her testimony is a truly remarkable story that few could fail to be inspired by. She has much to relate and it makes absorbing reading!
- John Ward (Between the Covers, Radio Rhema)

Mackintosh has a vivid style of writing that draws the reader into her story Congratulations, Karen, for having the courage and the enthusiasm to write this book. This is a powerful story that should be widely read.
- Janette Busch (Daystar Newspaper)


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