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The People Paul Admired - Beulah Wood


The house church leaders of the New Testament.

A fascinating insight into the everyday life of the first-century church. Beulah Wood examines the lives and lifestyles of early house church leaders at the time of Paul. Uniquely, she does this through first-person narratives delivered by historically-based characters such as servant girls and minor characters from the book of Acts. Carefully researched and creatively written - entertaining and informative.

Where did the old social barriers break down at the coming of Christianity? In homes. Where did practice join theology to break down the division between rich and poor or Jew and Greek, so that they ate together? In the hospitality of house church hosts and hostesses. What happened to the barrier between slave and free? Gone when they prayed together. The intense reserve between men and women? Dissolved as hosts and hostesses served the friends who entered their door. Paul saw this, admired and praised the house church leaders, and planned on homes to grow the gospel.

Published in USA by Wipf & Stock. Distributed in New Zealand by Castle.

ISBN: 9781608999699

What They're Saying:

"Sometimes when we read the Bible we look at the men and women in its pages as little more than stick figures. In her book, Dr Wood wraps them in flesh and blood and we see the people Paul admired for what they were, real people who lived ordinary lives for an extraordinary cause."
- Haddon Robinson (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)

"A great series, interesting, informative, earthy, provoking group discussion and personal growth. Beulah Wood has made the early church come alive, and shown us how the kingdom affects every part of life."
- Ian Kemp (Baptist Tabernacle, Auckland)

About the Author:

   Beulah Wood, BD (Melbourne), DMin (Gordon-Conwell), has published over thirty books in New Zealand, India, and the UK. She now divides her time between writing in New Zealand and teaching half of each year at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, Bangalore, India.


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