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The Power of the Story: Touching the lives of listeners - Rob Harley


A practical and absorbing book from well-known multi award winning documentary maker Rob Harley (Extreme Close-up, Journeys).

Rob sets out keys for using the art of storytelling to make a lasting impact on an audience and hold their attention in a media-saturated world.

A must for all who want to make biblical truth come alive, Rob illustrates his teaching in this book with many of the fascinating and powerful stories that he has collected over the years.

ISBN: 0473080710

What They're Saying:

Rob Harley is one of the most captivating communicators Ive ever heard. Live on television or radio, Robs presentations are both substantial and riveting. All of us can and should learn from him whenever we get the opportunity.
- Bill Hybels (Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church)

Attention all Christian teachers, preachers and pastors! Your congregations will thank you if you put this book at the top of your reading list.
- Victoria Hathaway (Reality Magazine)

As one of [Rob Harleys] target audience he had me wide-awake and convinced: this book is a must-read. Had I been a sermon consumer, I thought, this book would be both a must-read and a should-give: Id enjoy it then give it to my preacher.
- Bruce Patrick (Senior Pastor, Auckland Baptist Tabernacle Church)


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