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The Wind Rises - G.M. Lincoln


TWO TEENS: Arlia - enjoying a life of privilege as the daughter of the Caliph of Kelaneath, far removed from the lives of the people of that poverty stricken city - discovers she is not his daughter at all. Eldon - filled with hatred - on the run after the Caliph's soldiers kill his father who had dared to confront the Caliph about the city's poverty.

TWO QUESTS: Arlia's - to find her true father. Eldon's - to free his mother and his beloved city.

MANY ENEMIES: Thrown together by circumstances and courageous enough to risk everything, these two will have to make some hard choices and discern who they can trust if they are to survive.

Can the mysterious Celandor be trusted and does he hold the key to both of their quests?

The love of the Father for his people and the love of the Son for his Father shine through this story.

An exciting fantasy fiction novel for young adults and adults. 262 pages.

Printed book: NZ$21.95

ISBN: 9780473298739 (Softcover)

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