Theft of a Life - Brenda Segedin


A Family's Story of Love

"You will see what is most precious and most sacred is the love we share... This love lasts forever" - Susan Squellati Florence

This book is the story of four - an eight-year-old's experience coping with cancer, an 11-year-old sister living with her grandparents while her mother spends nearly every minute in hospital with her daughter in fear and anguish, and a father struggling to keep the family together.

Distributed by Castle under the Rampart imprint.

What They're Saying:

"Theft of a Life is an inspirational book. It tells the true story of the loss of a daughter to cancer, but there is nothing maudlin or self-pitying about it. It is poignant and thought-provoking. Told simply with no holds barred, it engages the reader throughout. The reader will share laughter and tears with a resilient family and wonder at the maturity of Nadia, who began her treatment kicking and screaming and ended it with maturity beyond her years, accepting and comforting those around her."
- Joan Rosier-Jones (Author)

About the Author:

   Brenda Segedin lives in Auckland with her husband Louis and their dog Jade. Brenda has a Diploma in Creative Writing. Apart from her writing, and working as a nanny, she is also undertaking a Certificate in Relaxation Massage with plans to complete a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage. Brenda has another book, for children, in the pipeline.

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