To Catch the Wind - Eddie Cairns & Dan Wooding


Did you ever want to impact your world for God?

Leave behind your mark?

Eddie Cairns was a man who dared to change his prayer from 'Lord, send laborers into the harvest field' to 'Lord send me!' God took him at his word and showed him that if he dared to trust Him, He would take him not only into storms, but also through them. He would learn how to Catch the Wind of the Holy Spirit and rise with the current as does the eagle who can soar high above the clouds on the power of the wind.

Many times Eddie had moved with God, and achieved the seemingly impossible. His stories of delivering one million Bibles to 20,000 people on the beach of China to traveling to the tribal peoples of Tibet, Laos, Vietnam or Cambodia will encourage you to trust God, Catch the Wind and go with Him into the harvest field.

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