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Widowhood and Shadow Types - Viti Taylor


What defines a widow? What is the heart of God towards widows? What should our attitude be towards widows as believers?

This book is not a 'walk in the park' type book, but rather a 'let us sit down and talk about this' conversational, teaching tool. It will draw you into its multi-faceted topics, challenge your thinking, entreat and prayerfully encourage you.

What They're Saying:

"To those widowed by death, or those with a widow spirit either by separation or divorce, this book will inspire you, transform your life and challenge you through the vast encouraging examples from the Word of God to be the complete woman that God wants you to be."
- Alfred Nyaoro (Senior Pastor, PEFA - All Nations Gospel Church, Gikomba, Nairobi, Kenya)

"This book is a must for anyone in ministry. As a Pastor, I wish I could have read this book when I started in ministry... This gem is pregnant with revelation and insight, bringing comfort and direction to not only widows, but also those who need to embrace its practical keys. If you are endeavouring to manage the challenge of absent husbands or wives, or wanting to rise above the walls of loneliness, get this book. Once read, you will want to buy and give copies away."
- Tony Collis (Pastor of Hope Centre, Levin, New Zealand)

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