Your Moment to Lead - Jacob Isaac


Are you ready for your moment to lead?

This fresh and insightful book will help you identify your innate leadership traits and naturally develop vital leadership skills. Through simple but effective steps, you will grow to take on richly satisfying roles in the working world and in the community, becoming a leader who is trusted and respected by others.

The first half of the book focuses on honest and reflective self-assessment, while the second half shows how to creatively move beyond personal limitations. Ultimately, instead of simply adopting others' ideas of leadership, you will become your own self-guide to evolve into a unique and innovative leader.

Your Moment to Lead provides you with:
- Essential leadership skills
- Self-assessment tools for recognizing leadership ability or potential
- Current research from leading industry publications

And highlights:
- The importance of character and the role of ethics in leadership
- Pitfalls to avoid when assuming a leadership role

So that you can become the leader you want to be - naturally.

About the Author:

   Born in South Africa, Jacob Isaac was the co-founder and lead pastor of Calvary Ministries in Durban. He now lives in New Zealand and has held various leadership positions within the health sector, retail and in manufacturing. Over the years he has led a number of multiracial and multicultural teams. As well as acting as a life coach and motivational speaker, he serves on the leadership board of Calvary Apostolic International Ministries, with a focus on prophecy teaching and leadership. He is also the author of Hope Rising, and recently founded Kingdom Advocates.

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