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Zoolympics - Sharon Lucas


All the animals are so excited, having trained hard for the Zoolympics. They are now ready to compete... except for grumpy Giraffe who throws a spanner in the works and wants to do Cheetah's run instead of his own long jump.

What will happen when Coach swaps around all their events... will this make Giraffe happy?

This charming and beautifully illustrated book brings sheer delight and giggles to young children, encouraging them to treasure and embrace the gifts God has blessed them with.

24 full colour pages.

About the Author:

   Sharon Lucas started her career in South Africa as a microbiologist, however after becoming a mum, she went on to establish a playschool. In New Zealand, she continued to pursue her passion for working with children and has been teaching in a Christian early childhood education centre in Auckland for 15 years. Sharon's aspiration is to share God's values with children. Her books are inspired by a child's love of knowledge and by God's creation.

Printed book: NZ$14.99

ISBN: 9780473484408 (Softcover)

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