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Faith at WORK - Don Mathieson


A thought-provoking symposium discussing the relevance of Christianity in the workplace.

This book goes to the heart of what work is, what it is meant to be, and what it means to apply ethics and belief in the real world. It will help the reader find integrity and fulfilment in what they do.

Faith goes beyond church on Sunday. It must impact on every area of life.

Featuring chapters by: Brian Hathaway, Wayne Kirkland, Canon Peter Stuart, B.J. Wakelin, Prof D. Gareth Jones, Peter McKenzie QC, Prof Peter Thirkell, Julian Doorey, Dr Don Mathieson QC, Kate McKenzie-Bridle, and Rev Alistair Mackenzie.

ISBN: 0958212481

What They're Saying:

This is a book for all Christian people, whatever they do day by day. We should be grateful to Don Mathieson for seeing the need for this book, to the eleven contributors for the thoughtful and informative and very helpful ways in which they have addressed that need.
- Sir Michael Hardie Boys (former Governor-General of NZ)

This very timely collection of essays by New Zealand clergy and church-members addresses the No 1 issue facing the Church everywhere in the Western world today. It challenges Christians to become Gospel salt, light and leaven in their work-places.
- Richard Randerson (Dean of Auckland)


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